Managing in the Current Crisis: Help and Support for Artists, Companies and Cultural/Creative Organisations:

These are really anxious times for all of us, but especially so for those of us in the arts and culture sector. There are a lot of changes in the air and it’s important that we take the time to plan together. We can either drive the changes or be subject to them. We really need to think about what happens when this crisis is over, given that we know that it may well run on into the summer? Where do I, or we, go to next? Can we continue to deal with the economic, financial and cultural realities the way we always have?

So here’s what I’m offering:

Strategy, policy, business models and business development are my skills – While it brings many stresses, this period of closure can also be used to positive advantage in that we all have time to plan – so that the future doesn’t take us by surprise. I don’t pretend to have any answers or quick solutions, but I can think alongside you and we can design solutions together.

For organisations and companies: Online consultations to talk about your existing plans and problems, your concerns and ambitions for the future, helping you recognise the value and the effectiveness of what you have, and – if needs be – suggesting ways to change how you do what you do that may lead to better outcomes. The first conversation is free and the cost of any follow on work depends on how much you feel needs to be done. Click on the “Schedule” button to schedule a call or use the contact form at the end of the page


For Individual Artists: Online conversations in which we can talk about where you are, where you want to get to and how we can craft an effective personal business model. You can make a donation for this, but only if you can and only after we’ve had our conversations.

Click on the “Schedule” button to schedule a call or use the contact form at the end of the page

Big Picture Thinking: Everybody knows something has to change, and change fundamentally. I’ve spent a lot of time these last few years, researching the wider culture sector, and the economics of culture and culture policy, and quite a bit of time listening to politicians and civil servants. So I’m going to produce a number of blogs sketching out some Big Ideas for sector wide actions and changes that I believe can only improve our situation. These are freely available to all and hopefully will inform a number of sector wide discussions and actions moving forward. I’ll post these to my website and share them widely. If we get enough interest then we will host some online discussions and create some crafty plans.

I’ll also gather up articles, tools, interesting websites – ideas and stuff that I think is practical and useful and share that via my website. Some of it you will undoubtedly know and some of it may be new.

The sector has been led by top down planning and policy for a long time, but the political and policy landscape is changing now, and the opportunity is there for us to redesign how the sector works. Let’s make sure we have all the tools we need.