Strategy starts from three basic principles:

  • Effective strategy is created by those tasked with implementing it. Hefty strategy documents written by external experts tend to gather dust on shelves.
  • The process of creating the strategy is more valuable than the final strategy
  • The best strategies address very specific questions and are lean, flexible and are a decision making framework

Strategy is something we do.  There are many ways of doing it, just as there are many kinds of strategy. Strategy is not an operational plan or business plan or a to do list; strategy is not a SWOT or a PESTEL or a STEEPLE, or a BLUE OCEAN or a V2MOM or any of the business tools we associate with it. 

Strategy is about coming to terms with what is important to you and your organisation. Strategy is how you choose to navigate a complex and changing environment. 

Strategy is understanding how you and your organisation thinks, how it behaves and how it makes decisions.

It’s been my pleasure to work with and alongside many creative people and organisations, supporting them through their strategy development with questions, conversations, research, analysis, engagement, facilitation and the messy human process of designing solutions. 

Clients include Axis Ballymun, Barnstorm Theatre Company, Young Irish Film Makers, Greystones Media Campus, Munster Literature Centre, The Allingham Festival,  Abbey Arts Centre, CHL, as well as providing support and advice on policy and strategy to Dublin City Arts Office and many others. 

John’s precision of thought, analysis and research is second to none. He combines rigour with a fluidity of thought and huge interest and empathy in his work. His combination of academic and artistic methodologies leads to work that is rounded, incisive and has direction” – Mark O’Brien, CEO axis:ballymun