Say what now? The APAC15 Conference

This years APAC was great – in the literal sense of the word. The nature of the art of theatre, its value, its language, its potential for social change, its political nature were all up for discussion. As Gary Keegan summarised it on twitter ” Kindness, grassroots, intrinsic value, artists leading the way, fearlessness in challenging the status quo”. The speakers and panelists – some of whom I agreed with and some of who I vehemently disagreed with – were all committed, passionate and inspirational. But I think we would all agree that everything paled in the light of Sir John Tusa’s keynote: it was a Masterclass in Public Speaking, or as somebody put it, “a masterclass in just plain speaking“.   The Conference was also, in my experience, unique in terms of who turned up – and who didn’t turn up.  What struck me most, on reflection, was that for all the words that were used, we actually don’t know what we’re talking about. Continue reading Say what now? The APAC15 Conference